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Black soybean Enzyme Chonggukjang

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  • South Korea South Korea
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1. Sauce: SAMJOCELLTECH boasts the widest expertise in the industry and greatest number of recipes, and has vast experience in supplying products to famous food service companies. Its' sauces mad by combining strictly sourced ingredients and spices both enrich and add flaour to a variety of dishes.

2. Dressing: Dressing liven and enhance the flavor of salad ingredietns. SAMJOCELLTECH offers a variety of creamy, vinaigrette, oil-free dressings to satisfy the appetite of any salad enthusiast.

3. Seasoning: SAMJOCELLTECH is known throughout korea for offering the widest choice of seasonings that can enrich the flavor of any kind of dish be it chicken, beef, pork, seafood, pizza, salad or even bakery goods and powder products.

4. Premix: With premix production expertise garnered over many years of experience, SAMJOCELLTEH has acquired the specialized technology and facilities to combien flour, grain powder, oils and other ingredients to offer a variety of tantalizing products made by recipes demanding high levels of precision and quality control.

5. Extract/Syrup: The tastes and flavors of natural ingredients are well preserved, so the use of a small amount of extracts can enhance the taste of dishes, add the taste and flavor to dishes.

6. Pre-cooked Food: SAMJOCELLTECH offers a variety of convenience food products for the busy modern lifestyle. All efforts are made to deliver the natural freshness of ingredients that are carefully selected according to very strict standards and meticulously packaged.